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Hot and cold flashes

Find fast relief for hot and cold flashes

During menopause and the years leading up to it, it can feel like your body temperature is going haywire. From hot flashes that leave you drenched in sweat to cold flashes that cause you to shiver uncontrollably, your hot and cold flashes can leave you exhausted, uncomfortable, and stressed—especially when they occur in professional situations. You can try to manage these experiences by taking medication, making lifestyle changes, and avoiding hot flash triggers (like stress, spicy foods, or alcohol). But these measures can't give you the instant relief you need when you're in the middle of an episode.

The Embr Wave® from Embr Labs can help. Offering a choice of stylish, wearable cooling devices, the Wave delivers immediate relief for hot and cold flashes—anytime and anywhere.

Embr Wave: instant temperature relief

Embr Wave is a smart wristband that's packed with powerful technology for controlling hot and cold flashes. Using a compact thermoelectric heat pump, the Wave taps into your body's natural ability to comfort itself with temperature by generating a series of cool or warm sensations that you feel on your inner wrist. The thermoreceptors in your skin react to the sensations by sending a feel-good signal to the part of your brain that's associated with emotion, pleasure, stress, and thermoregulation. As a result, your brain recalibrates your perception of temperature to change how hot or cold you feel and bring balance and relief to your entire body.

Why do hot and cold flashes occur?
Hot and cold flashes during menopause are thought to be the result of hormonal changes that wreak havoc with your hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for regulating temperature. These fluctuations in hormones somehow cause the hypothalamus to believe your body is too warm or too cool. In response, it triggers hot and cold flashes designed to rebalance your temperature. In the case of a hot flash, the blood vessels beneath your skin widen to expel excessive body heat and your sweat glands release perspiration to cool your skin as it evaporates. Cold flashes work in the opposite way: your brain tells your blood vessels to constrict, creating an immediate chill, and then to generate heat, your skeletal muscles begin to repeatedly contract, causing you to shiver uncontrollably.

What to do when hot and cold flashes happen
When you feel a hot or cold flash coming on, you can start a cooling or warming session on the Wave with the press of a button or a tap in a mobile app. These precisely engineered temperature sensations offer immediate relief that is safe, natural, and completely discreet—no one else will know you're in the middle of thermal therapy for a hot or cold flash.

How Embr Wave helps manage hot and cold flashes

Embr Wave harnesses your body's natural ability to respond to and comfort itself with temperature. Studies show that even a small amount of warming or cooling on one part of the body (like the temperature-sensitive skin of your inner wrist) can alter the way you experience temperature throughout your body, helping you feel more comfortable when you're experiencing hot and cold flashes. It's the same phenomenon as when you cup your hands around a mug of cocoa to feel warmer, or how a cold compress on your forehead can help you feel cooler from head to toe. The localized thermal sensations generated by the Wave similarly activate an instinctive response that tells your brain to make you feel better, delivering instant relief from hot and cold flashes.

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Do more with the Embr Wave app
Connecting your device to the app unlocks the full power of the Embr Wave. Explore thermal sessions designed to increase comfort, reduce stress, improve sleep, and manage hot flashes. The app lets you personalize your experience—you can edit, save, and rename sessions and select session lengths that range from 5 minutes up to 9 hours; and you can create shortcuts to your favorite cooling and warming sessions by assigning them to the buttons on the device. You can also download improvements and updates for your Wave and track your usage to gain insights from your patterns to make your experience with the Wave even more effective.

Thermal comfort all day and night

In addition to relief from hot and cold flashes, Embr Wave lets you use temperature for benefits across many other areas of your life.

All-day comfort
The Wave makes it easy to stay comfortable throughout the day, no matter who's in charge of the thermostat. A UC Berkeley study showed that using Embr Wave for just three minutes helped participants feel up to 5°F warmer or cooler on average. Female participants found Embr Wave particularly helpful, reporting a perceived difference of up to 9°F.

Sounder sleep
Temperature is intimately related to a good night's sleep. The Wave offers thermal sessions specifically designed to lull your body into sleep more quickly, and to help you rest easy through the night for up to 9 hours at a time. A study with Johnson & Johnson showed that using Embr Wave for just two weeks helped participants reduce insomnia, minimize nighttime hot flashes, and avoid sleep disturbances.

Stress-busting relief
If you've ever taken a hot bath to relax at the end of a long day or pressed something cool against your forehead to calm your nerves, you already know that temperature has the ability to relieve stress. Embr Wave puts the power of cool relief or soothing warmth at your fingertips whenever you need something to help melt your tensions away. There is also a strong connection between hot flashes and stress, so using the Wave to lower your stress level may also help you avoid hot and cold flashes.

Why choose Embr Wave?

A natural remedy
The Wave offers natural relief for hot flashes and cold flashes. It's an immediate, noninvasive, and discreet solution that works with your body's instinctive ability to use thermal sensations to change your perceived temperature so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

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Embr Wave is an approved expense in many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Contact your employer or FSA administrator to see if the purchase of a Wave is covered by your plan.

Financing options with Affirm
You may have the option of financing your purchase with Affirm and spreading your payments out over 3 to 12 months or more.

Free shipping
Every Wave comes with free shipping to any address in the U.S.

Free returns
If you're not satisfied with the relief Embr Wave provides for hot and cold flashes, you may return your order within 30 days for a full refund.


What are hot and cold flashes?

Hot and cold flashes are sudden episodes of intense heat or chills that are usually associated with menopause in women. These experiences are thought to be caused by changing hormone levels that mistakenly send signals to the brain that the body's temperature is out of balance. The brain reacts by triggering a hot flash or cold flash to try to warm or cool the body quickly.

How does the Wave offer relief for hot and cold flashes?

Embr Wave is a smart wristband that generates safe and pleasing thermal sensations, delivering instant relief for hot and cold flashes. By applying precisely engineered pulses of cool refreshment or soothing warmth to the skin of the inner wrist, the Wave helps to stimulate a natural brain pathway that changes how you perceive temperature and allows you to feel more comfortable. Embr Wave is a safe and natural form of menopause relief, providing instant control over thermal comfort.

Does Embr Wave affect the body's core temperature?

No. Even during hot and cold flashes, the body's temperature remains right where it needs to be—around 98.6°F. The thermal sensations generated by the Wave simply help to reset your perception of temperature and allow you to feel more comfortable overall.

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