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Natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones

Finding natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones

A hot flash can be an unsettling and stressful experience. The symptoms are bad enough—flushing, heavy sweating, and an uncomfortable burst of heat on your skin. But for professionals, the real stress of a hot flash is never knowing when one will strike or how it may disrupt the day. Severe hot flashes can make it difficult to carry on a conversation, let alone lead a meeting, give a presentation, or close a deal with clients.

Some women only experience mild hot flashes for a few months around menopause, but others can be plagued by these episodes for years or even decades. Traditional remedies for menopause relief include hormone replacement therapy and prescription drugs. These can be helpful for reducing the number of hot flashes and lessening their severity, but the side effects can be severe: nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

The risks involved in traditional therapies have caused many women to seek natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones, like herbal supplements, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, or changes to lifestyle and diet. While these kinds of approaches may be easier on the body, none of them can deliver the immediate relief you need the moment you feel the symptoms of a hot flash coming on.

When you're seeking natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones, consider the advantages of the Embr Wave® from Embr Labs. This wearable body cooling system offers safe, immediate, and discreet relief from the symptoms of hot flashes—anywhere you go, any time of day.

Embr Wave: safe, discreet, and natural remedy for hot flashes

The Wave packs a compact thermoelectric heat pump into a sleek, stylish wristband. Worn on the inner part of your wrist, Embr Wave generates a series of pleasantly cool or warm sensations that tap into your body's natural ability to rebalance your sense of temperature, delivering fast hot flash help.

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Waveforms: precise pulses of thermal sensation
The Wave uses advanced thermal technology to generate precise pulses of warming or cooling sensations known as Waveforms. These are specifically engineered to deliver optimal relief for hot flashes as well as night sweats, insomnia, stress, and other conditions related to temperature. You control the temperature level and the duration—from 5 minutes up to 9 hours—and the experience is as safe as touching a cool glass of water or warm mug of coffee.

How can local thermal sensations comfort the entire body?
Embr Wave applies gentle, pleasing sensations to the temperature-sensitive skin of your inner wrist. The thermoreceptors in your skin are connected via neural pathways to the part of your brain that's associated with emotion, stress, pleasure, and thermoregulation. When these receptors register the cool comfort generated by the Wave, they send a feel-good signal to your brain that changes the way you perceive temperature throughout your body, helping to increase your comfort overall.

This physical phenomenon is something you're probably already familiar with. Think of how wrapping your hands around a hot cup of cocoa can help your entire body feel warmer, or how placing a cold compress to your forehead can help you feel cooler overall. Embr Wave takes advantage of this natural response mechanism, applying carefully designed cooling sensations at the right time and the right place to recalibrate your sense of temperature and offer a natural remedy for hot flashes without hormones.

How to find comfort with Embr Wave
When you feel a hot flash coming on, simply press a button on the Wave (or tap in the app) to start a personalized cooling session that can help immediately dissipate the symptoms. The Wave delivers hot flash relief quickly and easily. Plus, it operates totally silently, with no fans or moving parts, so your hot flashes can stay your business no matter where you are.

Hot flashes: causes and remedies

Science doesn't know exactly why hot flashes occur, but they're thought to be the result of fluctuating levels of hormones that accidentally cause your brain to believe your body needs to cool down fast. The thermoregulation center in your brain triggers several actions to expel heat quickly: Blood vessels beneath the skin dilate to let off heat, producing an uncomfortable burst of warmth and causing your face, neck, and chest to flush. Your heart rate increases, and your sweat glands are activated, releasing heavy amounts of perspiration to help cool the body.

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Remedies for hot flashes
One of the most common remedies for hot flashes is hormone replacement therapy. This form of treatment is designed to boost hormone levels to relieve some of the symptoms of menopause. However, there are many risks involved in hormone therapy, including increased risk of certain cancers and other diseases as well as side effects like bloating, breast tenderness, and mood swings. Prescription medicines may offer remedies without hormones, but these also come with side effects like nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones
For women seeking natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones, options include things like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes. These approaches may be successful at reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes, but they can't bring the kind of immediate relief that can help you get through a hot flash episode and maintain your professional life—you probably don't want to pause in the middle of a meeting to pull out your yoga mat and get into child's pose. Ice packs, cooling mists, and cooling bands can provide more instant comfort, but most of these products are inconvenient and conspicuous to use in a professional setting.

That's why many women (and men) consider Embr Wave to be one of the most effective natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones. By providing instant relief at the press of a button in the form of a sleek, stylish wearable, the Wave gives you the power to take care of hot flashes quickly and easily—without anyone else needing to know.

Additional benefits of Embr Wave

Get a better night's sleep
With specially designed thermal sessions, Embr Wave can help you fall asleep faster and rest easily through the night for up to 9 hours at a time. The Wave offers clinically proven results, reducing insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nighttime hot flashes. A study conducted with Johnson & Johnson found that women who used the Wave for just two weeks were able to achieve significant improvement in the quality of their sleep.

Control your comfort—anytime, anywhere
Embr Wave's patented temperature sensations can change your perception of the temperature in a room to help you feel more comfortable overall. A study with UC Berkeley showed that using the Wave for just three minutes helped people feel an average of 5°F warmer or cooler. Women reported even greater results, feeling up to 9°F cooler after using the device.

Reduce stress instantly
Temperature can be a great stressbuster. It's why a warm bath or a cool compress can help to relieve tension and soothe your nerves. Embr Wave takes advantage of this therapeutic power of temperature, delivering refreshing waves of cooling or relaxing warmth to help you feel calmer and more collected whenever you need a break from stressful moments.

Why choose Embr Wave?

A natural remedy for hot flashes without hormones
The Wave works with your body's natural response to thermal sensations to help you get immediate relief from hot flashes and take control over your experience with temperature. It offers a natural remedy for hot flashes without hormones that's safe, convenient, and discreet.

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Embr Wave is an approved expense in many Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Check with your FSA administrator or your employer to see if the Wave is covered under your plan.

Financing options from Affirm
When you buy your Wave with Affirm, you can spread your payments out over 3 to 12 months or more.

Free shipping
Embr Wave ships free of charge to any address in the U. S.

Free returns
If you're not happy with the Wave as a natural remedy for hot flashes without hormones, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are unexpected feelings of warmth accompanied by heavy sweating, flushing in the face and neck, rapid heart rate, and anxious feelings. Hot flashes are a response to a false signal sent to the brain suggesting that the body is too hot and needs to expel heat as quickly as possible. Hot flashes are often followed by cold flashes as the body readjusts and shuts down the hot flash reaction. Hot and cold flashes may be caused by many things, but they're most commonly associated with symptoms of menopause.

What are traditional hot flash remedies?

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most common remedies for hot flashes. This treatment is designed to boost the level of hormones in the body to relieve some of the severe symptoms of menopause. While this therapy can be effective, it also comes with significant side effects including mood swings, breast tenderness, headaches, and greater risk of cancer and other diseases.

What are natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones?

Changes to diet and lifestyle are among the most commonly recommended natural remedies for hot flashes without hormones. Some women also turn to yoga, meditation, and acupuncture to mitigate the effects of hot flashes and to reduce their frequency. However, none of these approaches offers immediate help with the symptoms of hot flashes when you're in the middle of an episode. Embr Wave offers a highly effective alternative—a stylish wristband that uses a compact thermoelectric heat pump to generate cool sensations on the temperature-sensitive skin of the inner wrist. These sensations send a signal to the brain that recalibrates the body's perception of temperature and delivers instant hot flash relief.

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