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Wearable cooling system

Take control of temperature with a wearable cooling system

When it feels like someone's cranked your internal thermostat to the max, a wearable cooling system can make a huge difference. Hot flashes, night sweats, stress, and other conditions can make your experience with temperature nearly unbearable at times. In these moments, the right personal cooling system can bring cold relief to alleviate your symptoms and allow you to feel more comfortable quickly.

While there are many wearable cooling systems available, few cool you down in a way that works for business professionals. Cooling vests and cold wraps must be continuously re-refrigerated or refrozen, (which isn't often easy) and they quickly become useless once they lose their chill. Wearable AC units that generate a cool breeze on your skin may be another option, but you likely can't chair a board meeting or meet with prospects when a noisy portable fan is conspicuously wrapped around your neck.

That's why Embr Labs has developed the Embr Wave®—a wearable cooling system that offers immediate and silent aid for stress, hot flashes, night sweats, and other temperature-related conditions. With the Wave, you get the quick results you need with a solution that's convenient, easy to use, and incredibly discreet.

Embr Wave: temperature relief on your wrist

Embr Wave is a smart, stylish device that looks like a piece of jewelry or smartwatch. But packed within its sleek exterior is technology that makes a big impact when it comes to your relationship with temperature. The Wave contains a thermoelectric heat pump that generates warm or cool sensations you feel against the skin of your inner wrist, where your body is highly sensitive to temperature. The thermoreceptors in your wrist react and stimulate a natural connection to your brain, which responds by bringing your perceived temperature back into balance when you're feeling too cold or overly hot.

How local thermal sensations comfort your entire body
It may seem strange that a bit of cooling on your wrist could bring relief for your whole body, but the Wave takes advantage of a phenomenon you're probably already aware of. Think of how, on a sweltering summer day, just splashing a little ice water on your face can allow you to feel cooler and more at ease. Or how on a cold winter's night, cupping your hands around a mug of hot cocoa can warm you up from head to toe. These concentrated sensations in one area of your body send signals to the part of your brain that's responsible for thermoregulation as well as emotion, stress, and pleasure. The signals tell your brain that it needs to recalibrate your perception of temperature so you can quickly improve your overall sense of comfort.

Using the Wave as a wearable cooling system
While Embr Wave can generate both warm and cool sensations, many users dealing with hot flashes, night sweats, and other forms of body overheating skip the warming and use it exclusively as a wearable cooling system. When you sense a hot flash coming on or you're feeling too warm, you can simply press a button on the side of the device to instantly activate a series of cool, refreshing sensations. The cooling comes in precisely engineered waveform patterns that can be set to run for 5 minutes up to 9 hours, at a temperature level that's ideal for you.

What is a wearable cooling system?

A wearable cooling system is a piece of clothing or technology that's worn on your body to cool you down when you're feeling overly warm or experiencing things like hot flashes during pregnancy or menopause.

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Wearable cooling systems fall into several categories. Cooling vests or cooling wraps are products typically worn around your neck or torso. They are chilled in the refrigerator or freezer and can deliver a degree of coolness for a time. However, these systems must constantly be re-cooled, making them ineffective for longer stretches of time and much more difficult to use discreetly in work environments. They often affect your clothing options, whether that means trying to disguise a vest under "normal" clothes or just giving up and wearing something that obviously appears to be cooling gear.

Other wearable cooling systems are fan-based devices that can be worn around your neck to blow cool air on your skin. While these devices can provide some comfort, they are also quite noticeable (visibly and audibly) and often somewhat bulky, making them rather less subtle at a time when you likely don't want to draw extra attention to yourself.

A third category of wearable cooling systems use heat exchanging technology to generate cool sensations that are felt against the skin to bring your sense of temperature back into balance. These devices are usually worn on your wrist or on the back of your neck. But again, many of these devices are clunky, unattractive, and certainly not the kind of thing you can wear unnoticed.

In contrast, Embr Wave is a wearable cooling system that is ultra convenient, totally silent, and fuss-free—no refrigeration required, no noisy fans, and nothing that makes it obvious you're using something to cool down. The Wave is sleek, minimalist, and totally silent, offering effective cooling relief in a way that lets you manage your relationship with temperature in complete privacy. And with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, you'll have hours (or even days) of relief ready to go, whenever and wherever you need it most.

Do more with the Embr Wave 2 app

Available from the iOS App Store and Google Play, the Embr Wave 2 mobile app lets you unlock the full potential of the Wave. With the app, you can:

  • Explore thermal sessions specifically created to promote sleep, enhance comfort, reduce stress, and manage hot flashes.
  • Reprogram the buttons on the device for fast access to your favorite warming and cooling sessions.
  • Customize each session by setting the temperature to a level that's just right for you and choosing from lengths ranging from 5 minutes to 9 hours.
  • Edit, save, and rename any session.
  • Download updates and improvements.
  • Track the way you use the device to learn more about your patterns and how to optimize your experiences with temperature.

Additional benefits of Embr Wave

The Wave offers thermal wellness benefits that touch every moment of your day.

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Better nights
Embr Wave can help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Because temperature is so intimately tied to quality of sleep, Embr Labs has developed thermal sessions designed to help you find sleep faster and rest more easily through the night. Studies show that using the Wave for just two weeks can reduce insomnia, minimize sleep disturbances, and reduce nighttime hot flashes. This is one of the reasons that Embr Wave is so popular with women seeking insomnia perimenopause treatments and assistance with night sweats.

Easier days
Whether you're someone who perpetually feels too hot or too cold, Embr Wave gives you the ability to take control of your perception of temperature. With the press of a button or a tap in the app, you can initiate sessions that quickly rebalance your sense of temperature. A UC Berkeley study showed that participants who used the Wave for just three minutes were able to feel an average of 5°F warmer or cooler, and that women using the Wave felt up to 9°F cooler and 6°F warmer.

Less stress
Temperature can be a great stressbuster. You might already rely on it, when turning to a warm bath to unwind or a cool compress to soothe your nerves. With immediate warming and cooling and thermal sessions made for relaxation, Embr Wave puts the stress-relieving power of temperature right at your fingertips, helping you to manage anxious moments and calm down naturally.


What is a wearable cooling system?

A wearable cooling system is a garment or device that can cool you down when you're feeling overheated or experiencing hot flashes. Wearable cooling systems include products such as cooling towels and cooling vests, wearable AC units or fans, and devices that generate warm and cool sensations on your skin.

How does Embr Wave work?

Embr Wave is a wristband that contains a thermoelectric heat exchanger. By generating pleasantly warm and cool sensations that are felt on the temperature-sensitive skin of your inner wrist, the Wave activates a neural pathway that can provide relief when you're feeling too warm or too cold. As a wearable cooling system, Embr Wave can generate on-demand cooling to help your brain recalibrate your perception of temperature and allow you to feel more comfortable quickly.

Does the Wave change my core body temperature?

No. Even during the most severe hot and cold flashes, your body's core temperature remains where it's supposed to be—right around 98.6°F. The Wave only changes your perceived temperature, which is what actually affects how hot or cold you feel.

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