Meet the Embr Labs Team

Our team of engineers, leaders, and thinkers is committed to using our pioneering technology, research, and data to unlock the therapeutic power of temperature to provide menopause and hot flash solutions to the world.

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Elizabeth Gazda


Guy in black Embr Labs shirt against white background.

Matt Smith

Co-founder | CSO

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Sam Shames

Co-founder | COO

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Dr. Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM

Strategic Advisor, Oncology

Dr Maria Sophocles

Chief Medical Officer

Dean Marcarelli headshot

Dean Marcarelli

Chief Revenue Officer

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Heather Ritchie

Chief Strategy Officer

Rafael Blatt

VP of Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations

Sarah Summit

Director of E-Commerce

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James Pendergrast

Senior Software Engineer

Zachary Deschaux headshot

Zachary Deschaux

Senior Software Engineer

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Nora Cullen

Electromechanical Engineer

Gregor Williamson

Planning and Fulfillment Manager

Jesse Hester headshot

Jesse Hester

Director of Commercial Sales

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Margaret Swanson

Director of Brand Marketing

Kim Farrington headshot

Kim Farrington

Customer Success Manager

Grazielli Politano head shot

Grazielli Politano

Director of Supplier and Cost Performance

Jack O'Gorman headshot

Jack O'Gorman

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Shruti Devarkar head shot

Shruti Devarkar

Test Engineer

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Advanced thermal science for advanced menopause solutions

We are dedicated to offering safe, innovative, and effective solutions for people experiencing hot flashes, whether due to menopause or treatment for certain cancers. Our products win awards, and our peer-reviewed clinical trials are breaking new ground in the field of hot flash research. 

That’s why Embr Labs is the leader in developing thermal technology for menopause and hot flash symptom relief.

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