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Did not do anything for my wife

I don’t think it works or at least it doesn’t for me and I’ve been trying to contact them for a return and no one is getting back to me

When it worked it was great! But now it doesn’t do anything.

Love the color!

This is my 3rd Embr Wave bracelet, and it’s a life saver. I had the first version of the bracelet, but the second version is much improved. My second one died after about 3 years, so I just got my third one. I have a nerve issue that makes me cold, and sometimes I have hot flashes. This bracelet has made a huge difference. Highly recommend. Also recommend getting the fabric band since the magnet on the metal one will “catch” on your car door.

Embr Wave 2
Barbara W. (Winchester, US)
Kinda works

The device does get cold but you really need to use it in conjunction with the app so you can get it colder. Also unit heats up on top/sides as bottom gets cold. It gets REALLY hot which defeats the purpose as the last thing you want is something emitting heat while you have a hot flash!!

Embr Wave 2
Janie B. (Lenexa, US)
Stops hot flashes before they bloom!

The longer I wear the Ember Wave 2 the better it seems to control my hot flashes as soon as they start. I'm not sure if it's retraining my brain or whether it's just interrupting the signals.

The only thing that would have been cooler is choice of extra band.

Travel Bundle Black


Works really well

Bought it for my sister. It really works

Embr Wave 2
William M. (Colorado Springs, US)
Works as advertised

Works as advertised, good link to app on an iPhone. As a large man I wish the wrist band was a little longer but glad I made the pur.

This band is very comfortable. Customer service was excellent as well.

Embr Wave 2
Richard Y. (Detroit, US)

This cooling band blows my mind how it wks.

Embr Wave 2
Winnie B. (Atlanta, US)
Embr Wave 2

The Embr Wave 2 helps me with my hot flashes. My body is still getting use to it but it seems to work.

It really doesn’t help with hot flashes. Over prices for what they claim it will do

Black Vegan Leather Band

Works well

Does not work at all.

Embr Wave 2

Pros: it keeps me from getting cranky.

Cons: if I walk into another room without my phone, it goes off.

Embr Wave 2

Just doesn’t work for me didn’t do anything for my hot flashes

Very comfortable

It just doesn’t work for me

Embr Wave 2
Ashley V. (Lafayette, US)
So helpful

So far I have just used the cooling sessions, but have found them to be great at helping control hot flashes and stress.

Embr Wave 2
Monica H. (Hamilton, US)
The wave

I am amazed at how I am sleeping at night! I never heard or this product until my husband saw it somewhere, as much as I talk about my hot flashes I am surprised it never showed up on my phone. Great product and definitely will be recommended it to others. It will take some time to get used to, at least 2 weeks. 😍

Embr Wave 2
Nadine G. (Conway, US)
This works!

I was skeptical at first. But with the 60 days return policy I didn’t have anything to lose. This works for me! It’s a game changer. I also realized that I need to start the cool button right when my hot flash begins. It stops the hot flash in its tracks and I feel better within less than a minute. If I’m a bit late in realizing that a hot flash is starting then it lessens the severity.

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